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SSH security $10

Make sure that your site is 100% safe and it offers the most advanced security to all visitors regardless of their location and their computer or device protection. SSH is mandatory these days and present on 90% of suites. Some users won't access sites without SSH.

24/7 help $20

At some point, you may need additional help at night, on weekends or also on holidays. To eliminate the risk of this issue, be free to activate this optional extra. By using it, you are free to contact a specialized support agent at any moment. He or she can help you instantly and solve any issue within a minute.

Backup (additional) $25

Backup your site instantly and periodically. In a case, you ruin the site or it is hacked or affected by any online threat. You can restore the complete site and the complete functionality from the backup. It is extremely important for sites that attract high amounts of traffic per day.

Database backup $35

Our technicians will backup all the databases and the FTP elements of the site and store it on a separate file. This allows you to restore the site in a case of complete redesign or to use the databases when developing a new site.

IT developer $120

At any moment contact your site developer who will assist you with backing, developing the site or developing a completely new site. It is like having a developer within your reach at all times.