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Entry hosting

Entry hosting is standard type of hosting we recommend to all the beginners and newbies in the industry.

This type of hosting offers easy to use interface, plenty of needed features and overall stability. It is ideal if you are planning to make the new or your first site and you have average traffic on the site. You can also create new and multiple sites using the offer.

Server storage 20GB More than you need
Year/monthly bandwidth 100/900GB Suitable for small and large sites
Email accounts Unlimited Without limits you can do anything you like
MySql databases Unlimited Create as many databases as you like and improve the site.
Space for MySql 10GB Suitable for all types of users.

Dedicated hosting plan

Dedicated hosting allows you to be the only user on your own drive on the server.

The hosting we have here is the most suitable for users who have plenty of users per day and who won’t want to be affected by other sites and other factors. The dedicated hosting is mandatory for extremely popular sites that have million of daily users.

Server storage 30GB High end sites are suitable for this use
Year/monthly bandwidth 300GB/unlimited Receive as much traffic as you like and need.
Email accounts Unlimited No limits whatsoever, suitable for professional developers.
MySql databases Unlimited More advanced users can create highly developed sites.
Space for MySql 30GB An excellent choice for advanced sites with million users.

Cloud site storage

Cloud is the newest and the most reliable type of hosting. You will need this type of hoisting to meet the highest and impossible requirements of the sites.

Cloud hosting is an online type of hosting meaning your site will be online when no one other is. It is mandatory for the most demanding sites and also for the extremely important site that cannot afford 1 minute of downtime.

Server storage 50GB Ability to host massive sites
Year/monthly bandwidth Unlimited Ideal for extremely popular sites
Email accounts Unlimited No limits whatsoever
MySql databases Unlimited Massive, complicated sites with countless features
Space for MySql Unlimited Ability to grow and explore and tests.

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